Annual Wine Tasting Event Cancelled

Dear Neighbors and Friends;

Due to low turn-out, valentine’s weekend, and expected poor weather, we have decided to postpone this year’s event until further notice. For those of you who wrote a check, we will return them to you. For those who used Eventbrite, we will also make sure you are refunded. We are checking the procedures.

Again, the Wine Tasting Event scheduled for this Saturday the 16th has been postponed until further notice.


Ron Dehn

ANA President

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A Letter from your ANA President
Ron Dehn - ANA President

Ron Dehn - ANA President

Greetings to all Astor neighbors as fall has once again returned to Wisconsin. For me, this is the most beautiful season of the year, but I will truly miss the sunny summer days out on the pontoon boat floating around and soaking up the sun.

I want to thank all the Green Bay residents who supported our refreshment stand this summer during the City Band concerts. I believe it turned out to be our best summer ever. Thank you to those who attended Movie Night and our Back to School Potluck Dinner. I also want to thank the 150 people who joined us for the “If Homes Could Talk” tour this year. I enjoyed meeting many of you on the tour and sharing some of the restoration work that we are engaging in with our old home. Thank you also to Chris Dunbar of the Brown County Historical Society for all your efforts with this project.

We’re looking forward to the ANA Wine Tasting again this year, but we need volunteers! Please consider helping out by securing or providing donations, or more importantly, by hosting the event in your home. We can help with logistics if you can help with manpower, contributions, or most importantly by sharing your beautiful home!! Please, please contact me if you are able to help out in any way. We are expecting to have another highly successful fundraiser this year and are looking forward to meeting and mingling with so many interesting neighbors. As always, we are seeking board members for our organization. We could really use some fresh insight and we could all benefit from the energy that new brilliant minds could provide. We can also use help from volunteers for everything we do. If you are out there and looking for one or two fun activities to participate in, just reach out to any one of us listed on the newsletter.

With that, I hope you all enjoy this fall season and engage with your neighbors to make this an even greater and safer neighborhood.

Ron Dehn
President Astor Neighborhood Association

From the Astor Outlook Newsletter. Visit the Archive page to view the newsletter in it's entirety.

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Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale

This year, our neighbors at Union Congregational Church will be selling Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths. Sales will begin the Friday 11/24 at the church, and will take place on Fridays 4:00 – 8:00, Saturdays 10:00am – 6:00pm, and Sundays 12:00pm – 6pm. Sales will continue until supplies are gone. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Carels at 920-321-6809.

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Hospital Area Proposed Parking Changes


My attempt to partially remove the Residential Parking Ordinance at the recent Bike, Ped, Traffic Committee meeting ended with the Committee sending it back to staff to further study. This was due to a strong showing by residents who did not want to see any changes to the ordinance. I will keep you posted through your association if I make another proposal based on staff input.

Hello Astor Neighbors,

In our Summer Astor Outlook, Alderman Galvin wrote possible changes to the parking restrictions. At our last ANA meeting, Ald. Galvin shared what the proposed changes that will be brought to the Traffic, Bicycle and Traffic Commission meeting on Monday, Sept. 17 at 5:30pm, City Hall room 207. 

The following is a summary of what parking stays the same and what the proposed changes are:

·     There will be NO change in parking restrictions NORTH of Porlier St. to Mason St.

·     SOUTH of Porlier will be changed to 2 hour parking 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday thru Friday. There will be no restricted parking south of Porlier on weekend.

·     The 600 blocks of Emilie and Eliza Streets, (on either side of Aldo School) will remain the SAME for parking restrictions-no changes.

·     The 1000 and 1100 blocks of Porlier will remain the SAME for parking restrictions-no changes.

·     The 600 to 900 blocks on Clay Street will remain the SAME for parking restrictions-no changes.

Hospital Area Proposed Parking Changes Map (PDF)

Timeline: The Committee meets Sept 17. If the commission makes any changes at all to the restricted area, they will take effect for a 90 day trial period. After 90 days, the city council review and either change, leave as is, or revert back to the previous restrictions. 

ANA wants to communicate this proposal to you all, so that you’ll have the opportunity to weigh in before the Committee votes. Below are the contacts for your Alderman, and the Committee. If you have comments, concerns, etc., please share with these individuals! Your voice matters!

Alderman Bill Galvin


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