Community Police officer Paul Van Handel.

Community Police officer Paul Van Handel.

Home Security Checklist

Neighborhood Crime Reports

City of Green Bay

Brown County

Redevelopment Home Loan Program

City Garage     920-448-3303
(long grass, snow not shoveled, garbage or recycling set out early, bulk pickup)

Inspection     920-448-3315
Bill Paape (housing inspections, litter, garbage or recycling not set out of pick-up day)

A McGruff House is a safe house for children going to and from school or playing in a neighborhood. If you are home most of the time when children are going to & from school – Be a McGruff House Volunteer! Call 920-448-7340

Park, Recreation & Forestry     920-448-3365
(park programs & city tree trimming)

Parking Utility     920-448-3431
(illegal street parking) (parking on front yard or inoperable or unlicensed vehicles on property – Rick Larson 920-448-3314)

Historic Hazelwood

Wildlife Sanctuary

St. Vincent Hospital
85 S. Van Buren

Bellin Hospital
744 S. Webster St.

Union Congregational Church
716 S. Madison St.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church
743 S. Monroe St.