Lampposts Program


Do you have a dark street? Want to brighten things up in front of your house?

The ANA has received a $3,000 mini-grant from the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council to provide funding for property owners who want to install a lamppost in their front yards. You pay 25% of the cost, and we provide 75% of the total costs up to $400.00

  • First come first served until the funding runs out.

  • Lampposts can be solar or electric but must be placed in the

    front of the house.

  • Only property owners in the ANA boundaries are eligible.

  • Electric lamppost installation requires a permit. No review

    required by the HPC.

  • Lampposts must be installed at least 1 foot off the sidewalk.

If interested contact Cheryl Renier-Wigg at 432-0441 for more information or to sign up.


Eric Vandeveld