A Word from Your ANA President

As I sit down to type this letter for the summer newsletter, it is 40 degrees and raining outside and the trees and shrubs are beginning to open up. A robin is building a nest by the corner of our garage. She was almost done with this artful adventure yesterday, but the winds from last night must have blown the entire nest to the ground. She just keeps working away on a new one. By the time everyone reads this letter, her young will be almost large enough to be chased from the nest. Nature is remarkable.

As a neighborhood association, we try to be like that robin, working on community projects that strengthen our nest to build a new active base of volunteers and neighbors that work toward common goals and civic engagement. We work together to bring neighbors together in venues that are both fun and entertaining. This year’s Easter Egg Hunt was one of those moments. Because of the disciplined work of your VP Jennifer Lenz, many neighbors were able to gather with their children to have a little fun in St. James Park. It was fun to watch so many people guide their children through the park to find those treats, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many of you as well.

As we slide into summer, please consider contacting any board member if you would like to volunteer to help out at some of our events. Students should consider this as a positive way to earn community service time they need to graduate as well.

Remember that we are Green Bay’s most historic neighborhood and historical preservation is at the core of our mission. We are also wide open to any ideas you may have for community projects that you feel may be important near you and your neighbors. Each block is different and needs vary. Please get involved and let’s grow our presence together throughout this lovely neighborhood we call home.


Ron Dehn
President, Astor Neighborhood Association

From the Summer 2017 Astor Outlook Newsletter. Visit the Archive page to view the newsletter in it's entirety.

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