Architectural Graphics Available

In 2016 the Neville Public Museum hosted an architectural exhibition that featured many homes in the Astor neighborhood.  We have acquired the drawings that were displayed, and would like to return them to the current residents of these homes.  Please review the attached list, and if your address is included contact Paul Martzke at 920-437-7370 or to pick up your graphics.


628 Emilie Street
818 Emilie Street
918 Emilie Street
924-928 Emilie Street
925 Emilie Street
609 Grignon Street
730 S Jackson Street
1038 S Jackson Street
1045 S Jackson Street
823 S Jefferson Street
404-405 Lawe Street
409 Lawe Street
726 Lawe Street
826 S Madison Street
920 S Madison Street
940 S Madison Street
722 S Monroe Avenue

805 S Monroe Avenue
832 S Monroe Avenue
916 S Monroe Avenue
921 S Monroe Avenue
1030 S Monroe Avenue
702 S Quincy Street
721 S Quincy Street
746 S Quincy Street
820 S Quincy Street
827 S Quincy Street
933 S Quincy Street
1015 S Quincy Street
1036 S Webster Avenue
1043 S Van Buren Street
1115 S Van Buren Street
1120 S Van Buren Street
1123 S Van Buren Street

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