A Letter from the Astor Neighborhood Association President

Winter greetings to all Astor neighbors as the days are growing longer, and the holidays are behind us. As I narrowed down what I wanted to discuss in this winter letter, I went back to review what my predecessors had discussed historically and how many of those issues are still pressing and which are not so much. For example, in each of the last few winter letters, past presidents have asked for volunteers to help with projects, and the range of benefits associated with being a volunteer. There have also been calls for those with special skills to consider joining our board to help facilitate change, present new ideas, or perhaps explore and celebrate our past as a neighborhood. This remains a challenge and we are still looking for any neighbor who meets any of these categories and would like to become a board member.

Another issue from just last year which was detailed so well by former ANA President Molly Martzke, is the status of Green Bay and whether or not it will push for Certified Local Government status. Many of us attended a meeting last January where we watched a detailed history of just exactly what that would mean to all of us. As it was proposed, it would make Green Bay’s proposed CLG one of the strictest in the state. Be assured that someone will address this at our annual meeting in March as it is an idea that directly affects so many of us.

Finally, and once again, if any of you have projects you would like to see take place in our neighborhood, or you have concerns you would like to see addressed, please join us at one of our monthly meetings on the third Monday of the month at First Evangelical Lutheran Church at 6:00pm.

Best Regards,

Ron Dehn
President, Astor Neighborhood Association

From the Winter 2017 Astor Outlook Newsletter. Visit the Archive page to view the newsletter in it's entirety.

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