Lampposts Program

Do you have a dark street? Want to brighten things up in front of your house?

The ANA has received a $3,000 mini-grant from the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council to provide funding for property owners who want to install a lamppost in their front yards. You pay 25% of the cost, and we provide 75% of the total costs up to $400.00

  • First come first served until the funding runs out.

  • Lampposts can be solar or electric but must be placed in the

    front of the house.

  • Only property owners in the ANA boundaries are eligible.

  • Electric lamppost installation requires a permit. No review

    required by the HPC.

  • Lampposts must be installed at least 1 foot off the sidewalk.

If interested contact Cheryl Renier-Wigg at 432-0441 for more information or to sign up.


Eric Vandeveld
2018 "If Homes Could Talk" Information

Do you love the history of your house and would like to share it with others?  “If Homes Could Talk” is an annual event in partnership with the Astor Neighborhood Association (ANA) and the Brown County Historical Society (BCHS) to document the social and architectural history of the Astor Neighborhood.

This year’s guided walking tour will take place on September 15th 2018 throughout the twenty-five-block Astor Historic District bordered by Mason, Van Buren, and Grignon Streets and the east bank of the Fox River. The concept is to collect and present local history and historical anecdotes, in which you, neighborhood residents; will volunteer your home to be a part of the tour.

Participants provide written signs and graphics to be placed in front their homes, telling stories and offering information from the recent or not-so-recent past.  Some Homeowners have allowed us in their homes and gardens or told us tales of past residents.  Please consider opening your home to the public of offer to tell the story of you home during the Tour.

Last year’s Tour was a great success and this year will be even better. Thank you for all that participated! We need to secure your commitment to participate in the 2018 Tour by August 14th.   If you are willing please email Deby Dehn at or Chris Dunbar at Past contributors, you have the sign! Just let me know you are in! We can talk you through designing your sign and provide resources for researching your home.

Tickets will go on sales in August through Eventbrite. The link to purchase will be posted on our events page on our Website , Facebook Page, and the BCHS Website. See you in September!

NewsEric Vandeveld
A Word from Your ANA President

Dear Astor Neighbors,

Things are beginning to shape up to be another exciting summer in Astor. Board members and volunteers are piecing events together and much more will be coming out for your help and input. For the second year, we will be holding the Summer Beer Garden, and this year the event will be on Saturday, June 23rd. The cost is $15/ticket, but please watch the Facebook page and the new and improved Astor website for the rest of the details. We will probably post on doors with a flyer as well.

The Green Bay City Band is playing once again on Wednesday evenings from June 13th – August 22nd, and we intend to sell popcorn and other snacks for this weekly event. Please, please, please, we need volunteers to work the concession stand. Please call me if you have done this in the past, or would like to have a couple hours of meeting neighbors on any given Wednesday evening. WE NEED YOU!

Ron Dehn - ANA President

Ron Dehn - ANA President

“If Homes Could Talk” was a huge success last year, and the format is being simplified and better focused for this fall. Please look for my wife Deby’s brief about this event. We would also like to re-focus on the Fox River Clean Up this year. If you have children and students who would like to give back to the community, please contact me or any board member so that we can begin a list of volunteers.

Finally, we need volunteers on all levels: folks that wish to help for one event, for one evening, one afternoon, etc.... we cannot do it without concerned, active neighbors. Last year, our Association was granted the Neighborhood of the Year Award. We are committed to a healthy, vibrant neighborhood and that cannot happen without your help. Please contact any one of us if you are that neighbor.

Please have a safe and fun summer, Hoping to see you,

Ron Dehn
President Astor Neighborhood Association

From the Astor Outlook Newsletter. Visit the Archive page to view the newsletter in it's entirety.

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“Home History” Workshop

All Houses all have a story to tell! Learn how to tell yours!

The Astor Neighborhood Association has partnered with the Brown County Historical Society and The UW Green Bay Archives and Area Research Center (ARC) to offer a “Home History” workshop. Deb Anderson, coordinator of the (ARC) will share a wide variety of resources that can be used to provide clues about construction dates, physical features, and occupants of your home. Discover the stories your house has to tell.

The house history workshop is scheduled for 6:00 June 13 and June 20.

The program will be offered at Hazelwood Historic House 1008 S Monroe Ave.

Space is limited. Please call to register (920) 437-1840.

This is a Free Event!

Eric Vandeveld